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NOTE: In order to sync contacts from your desktop/laptop computer (either Mac or PC) with iPhone/iPod/iPad, you need to have iTunes installed on your computer.

ContactsTap can display results of the syncing process with accounts such as iCloud, Google, Exchange etc. However, neither ContactsTap nor any other third party application can control the syncing process, because it is based on a direct communication between the mobile device on the one hand and the service (Exchange, Google, iTunes on desktop/laptop computer, etc.) on the other.
As explained above, ContactsTap treats all your accounts as separate entities. Therefore, if you are syncing your mobile device with your external iCloud, for example, it will only sync contacts and groups sorted under the iCloud account on your device.

Syncing with iCloud or My Device (Mac or PC with iTunes)

If you have organized your contacts into groups with your iCloud account, or your desktop/laptop computer (Mac, PC) ContactsTap will import all groups and contacts exactly as you sorted them. The process works in reverse too, so all groups created on your mobile device will be exported onto your iCloud or desktop/laptop computer exactly as you sorted them on your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Syncing with Outlook

If you are using a Windows PC with Outlook (or any other contacts management app that is supported by iTunes), it is recommended that you do not sort your Outlook contacts as categories (because iTunes cannot sync them), but as FOLDERS. These folders will then be synced as Groups on your iPhone. And vice versa, your Groups from iPhone will be synced as Outlook folders on your PC.
Furthermore, even if your contact belongs to several groups on the iPhone, Outlook can only assign it to a single group (i.e. folder).
These are all Outlook issues and ContactsTap (or any other iPhone app) have no control over this.

Microsoft has also published some tips on the syncing process – please read Synchronize Outlook and Apple iPhone or iPod touch contacts.

Syncing with Exchange

If you have one or more Exchange accounts (Hotmail, Google, etc.) set on your device for syncing contacts, you should know that Exchange by default does not support groups.
As requested by our users, we have added to ContactsTap the option to support groups for Exchange contacts. When you navigate to the groups screen you will be able to create groups for Exchange contacts and organize them in groups in the same way as for contacts on other accounts. However, this process does not work in the opposite direction, as those groups from your iPhone will not be synced back onto Exchange.

NOTE: ContactsTap enables the groups support for Exchange contacts by default. You can disable this feature by going to Settings and using the option “Disable Exchange Groups Support.”

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