ContactsTap Version 1.3 has been approved

ContactsTap release 1.3 has been approved and it is available for download from the AppStore.
Next release 1.4 is in testing phase and it will contain some cool new features, a much faster search, significantly faster initial contacts load and some new cool menu animations for a fuller user experience.

(See the post for ContactsTap Version 1.3 for description of what’s new in this release).

ContactsTap Version 1.3 has been rejected

Apple did not approve my latest submission to the AppStore (ContactsTap 1.3) because in some rare cases it is not compatible with iPhone 3.0 — which I think is not true because I did test it on iPhone SDK 3.0 beta 5.
To make the most out of the current situation, I have added one more feature which makes life easier if you wish to add some contacts which are not assigned to any group. Using the option Manage group members from Groups view you will see the action sheet dialog with option Add New Contacts (from list of all contacts), Remove some Contacts (if there are any in the group) and Add from Uncategorized (which will pop up if you have any contacts in Uncategorized group). This last option will show you only contacts from Uncategorized group so you can select contacts you want to add to a group of your choice. It is easier now because with this option you can filter list of available contacts to add in two ways using all contacts or just uncategorized contacts. If you sync your contacts from Outlook and you have not used Folders then all contacts shall be synced into Uncategorized group and now its easier to add them to appropriate groups in ContactsTap application.

ContactsTap release 1.3 is now being tested against the new iPhone 3.0 GM seed SDK so hopefully it will be resubmitted in a couple of days and be available for update the following week.

ContactsTap Version 1.3 has been submitted

ContactsTap release 1.3 has been submitted and we expect it to get approved by the end of next week.

What’s new in this release:

  • The initial Contacts load during application startup has been further improved.
  • A new field “Nickname” has been added to the group of fields which you can use for your search criteria.
  • We have changed the appearance of the window when you set your list to be sorted by company name. In that mode, the font used for the Company Name is bigger and bold, and the font used for the contacts’ first and last names is smaller; therefore you can easily spot the fields with the company name you are looking for. In all other modes the appearance of listed items remains the same as in the native application.
  • We have fixed the bug which used to occur when the main contact list was sorted by the company name (the newly added contacts were not sorted correctly). This has been fixed, and the newly added contacts will be sorted and displayed correctly.

All users who use Outlook and Windows for syncing contacts should visit and read Important Notes section.

We will be adding some interesting new features to our next release 1.4 — so stay tuned!

ContactsTap Version 1.2 has been approved

ContactsTap update 1.2 has been approved and it is now available for download from the AppStore.
Next update 1.3 is currently in development phase.

(See the post ContactsTap Version 1.2 for description of what’s new in this update).