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In the main contacts list, tap on the button in the top left corner (or swipe to the right) to open the side menu with options. Select the bottom option Groups to open a new Groups window. It will list all existing groups, both synced and newly-created (if you have any).
At the bottom of the list, there is a menu bar with two buttons, “Native Groups” and “Virtual Groups”. By default, the app displays the “Native Group” option.

Sorting of Contacts into Groups

If you have created a new contact within a certain group, application will ask you if you want it added to the group within which it was created. Any contacts that have not been created within a particular group or we choose not to add it to a group when created will automatically be added to the “Uncategorized” group. Later, you can reassign any contact from the “Uncategorized” group to any other chosen group(s). A contact can be assigned to as many groups as you like.

Create New Group

On the Groups screen you will see Add New Group option (in red colour) under each contacts account. Tap on to create a group. A new window will open where you can enter the name of the new group. Tap “Done” in the bottom right corner when you have finished. If you don’t want to create a new group, tap on “Cancel” in the top left corner to return to “Native Groups”.

To return from Groups to Contacts view, tap back button or select any of the groups.

NOTE: All contacts are automatically assigned to the “All Contacts” group.

Organize Contacts Into Groups

To add members to a group, go to the Groups window and tap and hold on the group name. A new menu will open: choose “Add New Members”. This will open a list of all contacts within the selected account (e.g. iCloud, Exhchange, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). Tap on the contacts that you wish to add to the group: a tick will appear next to their names. When you have finished, press “Done” to save members and return to the Groups window.
The menu that you have opened also features the following options: “Group Email” (sends e-mail message to all members of the chosen group), “Remove Some Members” and “Add From Uncategorized.”
To remove members from a group, tap “Remove Some Members”. A list will open: tap to select the contacts that you wish to delete, then tap “Done”. If you change your mind, tap “Cancel” to return to the Groups window.
The option “Add From Uncategorized” opens the Uncategorized virtual group. Tap on any contact(s) that you want to add to the selected group, then tap “Done” in the top left corner. Alternatively, tap “Cancel” in the top right corner to return to the Groups window without adding these contacts from the Uncategorized group.

Virtual Groups

These are predefined categories that can be accessed via the button at the bottom right corner in the Groups list. They automatically filter contacts into categories, depending on what sort of information you have entered for your contacts.
These categories are: Companies, Countries, Cities, Post Codes, With Birthday, With Photo, With Related Names, With Nickname, No Photo, No Phone, No Emails, etc. For example, all contacts that you have entered birthday for will be added automatically to the “With Birthday” virtual group. The remaining contacts will be added to the “No Birthday” virtual group.
We call them Virtual Groups because they cannot be created, deleted or edited. They are just there to help you navigate through your contacts by filtering them into categories according to shared common features.
Furthermore, Virtual Groups do not affect your Native Groups settings, and they do not have impact on the syncing process.

Private Groups

All Grouos created on accounts which are not iCloud or From My Device will be private grouops. iPhone OS does not allow native groups to be created on other accounts except iCloud or My Device, so they will be treated as private groups to ContactsTap only. This is due to limitation of the iPhone OS.


Tags are similar to groups but they cover the span of all contacts on device and their usage is more to group similar contacts with some common data so you can find it easily.


Favorites is virtual group where you can add contacts which you use more often then the others so you can access them fast.

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  1. Is it possible to add attachments to a group email?

    • Yes it is. Just long tap on the message and popup window with context menu will appear. press on more button where you will see options for inserting photo or video and add attachment.

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