5.95 is in the store

Finally all iOS 4 users can start using app like they used before the bug has been introduced with forced 5.94 release.
Thanks to all iOS users for understanding and patient.

5.94 is in the store

ContactsTap 5.93 was skipped as for some reason it was stuck in Apples In Review state from period 21. December 2011 up to 02. January 2012.
For that reason we decided to remove it and submit the new one even with more fixes and improvements. Also we had to do it as Apple asked us to change some thing in the app really late (which they should said at the beginning of the approval process, so all this wait for this release to fix Group bug would not happen).

Fixed in 5.94 release

– When tapping on Group action button (not showing group actions).
– When tapping on Groups button straight after app is launched (could cause app crash)
– Enabling FaceTime when contact has at least phone number or email defined.
– Application skin settings is fixed
– Application stability improved
– Minor bug fixes
– Added delete confirmation dialog when contacts list is in delete mode and user press delete button. Also added new kind of dialog if user selects all contacts using Select All option and press Delete as in this case user would have to confirm the action twice (that was requested by Apple to be added and that is why release was late).

5.92 is in the store

What was new in 5.92 release

– Favourites added.
– New Private Groups added to Groups screen (All your old Exchange groups will be listed here).
– Icons for Native and Virtual groups changed on Groups screen.
– Calendar icon changed.
– The lowest supported iOS is 4.2 now.
– When using Organise Mode or contacts groups list, Private Groups are marked with locker icon in the list.
– Enable / Disable Exchange group support option is removed (Private groups are used for this).
– Search is improved.