ContactsTap Version 4.0 has been approved

ContactsTap release 4.0 has been approved and it is now available for download from the AppStore.

I am preparing release 4.1 which will introduce some new features and improve the existing ones.

ContactsTap Version 4.0 Available Soon

The next major update, ContactsTap version 4.0 will be available in a few days. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, rated and reviewed Version 3.6, I have taken all your suggestions into consideration while preparing Version 4.0.

Some of the major new features in ContactsTap 4.0:

  • Managing calendar events and alarms directly from the application
  • Fast contact groups manipulation directly from the main contact list
  • Search scope All now covers more contacts data in search then before. Fields contact address, url, birthday and anniversary, related names were added.
  • Toolbar was added to the main contact list which adds ability to organize contacts in groups directly on the main contacts list. Now there we can delete multiple contacts in one go, copy / move / remove multiple contacts in groups, create group from search result and add / modify calendar events with alarms.


  • Memory full problem. This was happening due to change in iOS4 which saves contact images in full size not cropped like it did before. Having a lot of images in a list with full size can occupy a lot of memory. Now application locates those images and scale them down to appropriate size preventing memory full dialog.

We are currently preparing a video tutorial and a complete Help and FAQ files, which will be available soon both here on the website and on the app itself. We are also preparing a version in French, which will be available in a few weeks. For now you can use Application Release Notes option from settings to see the short description of new features.