ContactsTap Version 3.0 Available Soon

The next major update, ContactsTap version 3.0 will be available in a few days. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, rated and reviewed Version 2.4, I have taken all your suggestions into consideration while preparing Version 3.0.

Some of the major new features in ContactsTap 3.0, as requested by the users:
– it allows the user to sync contacts in the background. When the syncing is completed, the application notifies the user and reloads the contacts data in real time;
– it allows the user to select a contact while in the search mode (as in the native contacts app);
– unless the app is in the search mode, pressing of the Search Text Box Clear button (the small grey X) will no longer activate the pop-up keyboard;
– when a new contact is added, the list automatically scrolls down to the newly added contact;
– Groups screen has been split in two Tabs: Native Groups (i.e. customisable groups) and Virtual Groups (i.e. the contacts are automatically filtered and sorted into groups such as: Companies, Birthdays, No Phone, No Company, No Birthday etc.);
– Groups Menu has been enriched with two new options: Rename Group and Delete Group;
– lots of new options have been added to the Settings menu

  1. the user can enable or disable phonetic names (for non-latin names). Disabling this option (if you don’t need it) speeds up the application;
  2. four types of Search are now available, three of which are predefined while the fourth is customisable. These are: a) full name, b) company name, c) custom (the user specifies search parameters) and d) all –> this is the slowest option and it includes parameters such as: full name, company name, department, job title, nickname, note, email, phone number. Search bar has also been enriched with Scope buttons;
  3. the user can now predefine the default action when tapping on the phone number on the Contact Details Screen. The Default Tap Action can be either “Make a call” or “Show Dialogue With Options”;
  4. the user who wishes to send an email to multiple users (for example using the options “Send To Group” or “Send To List”) can now specify whether to send them as To, Cc or Bcc;
  5. the Setting now includes a General section where the user can:

a) choose between two different skins, Default Blue and Cool Black. 🙂
b) read some Important Notes and Known Limitations
c) report a problem (an issue, a bug, or a suggestion for improvement)
d) write and submit a review

We are currently preparing a video tutorial and a complete Help and FAQ files, which will be available soon both here on the website and on the app itself. We are also preparing a version in French, which will be available in a few weeks.