ContactsTap Version 1.4 has been submitted

ContactsTap release 1.4 has been submitted and we can expect its approval by the end of next week.

What’s new in this release:

  • Initial contacts load has been sped up.
  • New fields were added to Display Additional contact info feature. Now the application can display Group names, Company name, Department, Job title, Nick name, Phone numbers, Fax numbers, Pager, Emails, Phonetic names and Birthday. These fields can be displayed at the application main screen contacts list in the item second row.
  • I have changed the appearance of the application mode where the contact list is sorted by the company name. In this mode the Company name is now displayed in the first row with larger font, and the first and last names in the second row with a smaller font.
  • New animated menu has been added to the main application screen.
  • You can place a call, send email, send text, show contacts group, deleting contact and send vCard directly from main application screen simply by tapping at the contact’s name and choosing an option from the new action menu.
  • You can swipe to delete contacts at the main application screen. Simply swipe with your finger across the contact to delete it. Then tap on delete button to delete it, or tap anywhere else to cancel the delete process.
  • Share contact feature (sending vCard) has been changed. Now the vCard includes some new fields. You can send nick name, Phonetic first and last name, related names, birthday and contact’s photo.
  • The search feature has been fixed. When you do a search and type done leaving the list in filter mode, the application keeps this mode until you remove the search text from the search field. Even if you add new contact or delete it, it will be added or removed from the filtered list if it matches the search pattern.
  • When you search the contacts list the application searches the list in the background allowing the keyboard on screen to be much more responsive.
  • Toolbar has been removed from the Contacts info screen and its options transformed to the new main application animated menu.
  • A new field has been added to the Contacts info screen. This is Related Names field where you can specify your relatives (spouse, child, …)
  • The dialogue for typing the email address to share contacts has been fixed.
  • New feature for sending email to the selected list of contacts has been added. Now you can send an email to a members of a group or select contacts and create a temporary distribution list and send the email to it.
  • Toolbar has been removed from the Groups screen and its options moved to the new Groups animated menu. The menu has been moved to the navigation bar (top right corner of the screen near plus button). There you can choose options for sending email to a group or temporary distribution list as well as manage contacts.

We will be adding some interesting new features to our next release 1.5 — so stay tuned!