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usflag From US App Store:

A long time user 

by twinkles – Version 5.99 – Sep 28, 2012

hi. I’ve been using this app for a very long time. 2 years at least. I love it. I find its more intuitive than the Contacts App that comes with the iPhone. Also customer support is quick and informative. I never had to use it till today and my issue was answered the same day. I had updated the app but i didnt see my contacts. I did see my group folders with the number of contacts next to the folder. Turns out all i had to do was turn the phone off and on. I recommend this App. ps upgrading to OS6 was no problem. A dialig box comes up asking if Contact Taps can take your Contacts from the Contact app that comes with the phone. Say OK and your good to go.

Great App 

by TallRey – Version 5.98 – Jul 08, 2012

I was looking for an Application that would let me search the “Notes” in a contact and also let me group contacts into groupings. I downloaded this application and I must say that I must give it a 5 just for the fact that they have an excellent human interface and a help menu that let’s you explore the different features and aspects. This is way above the norm. THANKS!!!

Love it but need iPad version PLEASE? 

by Shmerls – Version 5.97 – Jun 01, 2012

Way better than Apple’s version of Contacts!

Love it!!! 

by Jeannyvett Colon – Version 5.97 – Apr 20, 2012

It make life easier! This app is great for business. Try it!

top notch! 

by iquanyin moon – Version 5.97 – Jan 20, 2012

excellent contacts app. I’ve tried a number of them and most are good. what sets this one apart is: speed, smoothness, bug-freeness, and range of both useful and fun options.
tldr: excellent! you won’t regret getting this.

Great App – worth every penny! 

by Mr. and Mrs. Fix – Version 5.7 – Sep 25, 2011

I use a lot of the fields in Addressbook, and was annoyed that they didn’t show up in my iPhone. With this app they are all there with the ability to add them and modify them on my phone!
I also use groups and this brings them to my phone too!
The developer is GREAT about answering questions ASAP, so buy with confidence. V. 5.7 works like a charm, so I would disregard bad reviews from earlier versions.

Craig/Tucson AZ Apple Store Customer 

by Craig62 – Version 5.1 – Apr 07, 2011

Needed search of all fields of contacts & Sync to Address Book on Mac. This works.

Excellent App & Service 

by Solution Finder – Version 5.0 – Mar 31, 2011

This is my second review of this app. ContactsTap is a great contact manager that offers excellent searching functions. The app designer is very responsive to questions and issues. In addition the app designer is very interested in hearing and implementing suggestions. The app is like adding a “splash” of CRM to your contacts.

Provides features that Contacts forgot 

by EdAnson – Version 4.6 – Jan 21, 2011

I bought this app because of two important features that the built-in Contacts app forgot to include: 1) full text search; and 2) group management. I use the built-in app most of the time because it starts up faster. But when I need the extra features, it is good to know that ContactsTap is ready and able to meet that need. Because the two apps work together, I can have the best of both.


by Zane Revai – Version 4.3 – Jan 11, 2011

Works great 

by Btw72 – Version 4.3 – Nov 29, 2010

All I wanted to do was create groups to send emails without selecting each person one by one. Everything else works good also. No crashes.

 It works for me!

by Solution Finder – Version 4.3 – Nov 12, 2010

This app works for me! Best solution I have found to sort contacts by company name, job title, department, nickname and others. You can also search those fields to lookup specific contacts. (I use the nickname field to track contacts for which i am waiting for a returned response such as a call or email. I do this by entering a ‘?’ in the nickname field.)
This app does not crash on me. I use most current version of OS for iPhone.
Also, the programmer is very responsive to questions. This is easily worth the money. This is a good app IMPO.

Works great

by Btw72 – Version 4.3 – Nov 29, 2010

All I wanted to do was create groups to send emails without selecting each person one by one. Everything else works good also. No crashes.


by jk666p – Version 3.2 – May 18, 2010

good update thankyou…….!!!!!!”

Great app!

by TheSeekerWM – Version 2.4 – Mar 23, 2010

Been testing apps for group management for days now, this one seams like the best thus far. I would like to see some new things.

Yeah! for groups management

by Jabe8 – Version 2.4 – Mar 24, 2010

In ten minutes I was able to sort and rearrange my contacts (over 330) into groups. Trying to do this without this app was on my ‘will get to eventually list’. Last night I decided I did want to cleanup my address book with an app so I searched and when I found this app it was just what I needed. It’s a must have for group customization. I have not really used it as an alternate address book yet. I have only read about it’s capabilities from the product description and it seems impressive. This is just to let you know that this app is superb when it comes to contacts grouping.

Version 2.3 is now available

by Chief Osage – Version 2.3 – Jan 12, 2010

Version 2.2 had bad code in it. The Action Menu was not working properly.
Version 2.3 appears to have corrected this problem.
I use this app regularly.

Contacts do not show up within ContactsTap 1.6 (if contact has a company name only)

by A. NA – Version 1.6 – Nov 03, 2009

UPDATE for Version 2.0. My review below was for version 1.6, but now, the issue is fixed in version 2.0 so this app is very useful for organizing your contacts into groups so that it’s easier to get to your specific contact within iPhone’s contacts list.

I purchased Contactstap 1.6 this past week. I have a iPhone 3GS. I have tested the following issue with both firmware 3.01 and 3.12, yet the same issue remains. The issue that I run into is that I have some contacts in Outlook 2007 that are just company name only. I sync my iPhone with Outlook 2007 using itunes 9.01 (previously 8.02). However, these company name only contacts (no other name fields are associated with these contacts), do not show up within the “All Contacts” group within Contactstap. But when I check the iPhone’s native contact list, these contacts with company name only do show up within the iPhone’s native contact listing. Because I cannot find these company name only contacts within Contactstap 1.6, I cannot add them to a group within Contactstap 1.6.

Please note that if I associate a person’s first name and last name with a company name then the contacts do show up within Contactstaps 1.6; however, I have some contacts that are company name only contacts and these do not show up within Contactstap 1.6.

UPDATE: Dejan has replied back to my issue via email and he has notified me that the issue is known. In addition, the issue is supposed to be resolved in the next release of ContactsTap 2.0. Here’s his reply email to me:
There is a fix for this problem in the next release 2.0 which is already submitted to the app store and it suppose to be available to you shortly.
The problem was with contacts which were labeled as companies. Now you can see both in the list of contacts. If you turn the images on you will see visually the difference as the general image for the contact and company differs.

Best So far

by marcusdg – Version 1.6 – Oct 14, 2009

I’ve purchased 5 other apps before this to try to create and manage groups in my contacts. So far this is the best. No major bugs noted and does what it is supposed to do. For the inexpensive price I especially recommend it. Basic, no frills, but seems functionally reliable.

B e a u t i f u l my friend.

by freekshow614 – Version 1.6 – Oct 2, 2009

I’ve seen other apps charging $4.99 and I don’t know what they could possibly have that this app doesn’t. All of my hundreds of contacts are sorted into about 10 different groups now and I love it. So easy to use. Don’t waste your time and money on those other apps.

Contacts Tap

by Lawyer on the go – Version 1.5 – Aug 22, 2009

As a lawyer and filmmaker I’ve used this app since 1.3. The latest version makes this really useful. It works smoothly. The app designer is very responsive to user recommendations and feedback. With the latest fixes it’s fast, easy and much smoother than the address book that comes with the iPhone.

Excellent contact management app

by thisnicknameisalsonottaken – Version 1.4 – Aug 7, 2009

I’ve purchased several different 3rd-party contact management apps for my iPod Touch. ContactsTap is the one that I keep coming back to. It adds important features not available in the native Contacts app (and not yet available in many of the other competing 3-rd party apps). For example, ability to display and edit the “related names” fields available in MobileMe. The developer is active in keeping the app up-to-date. Not the added features and tweaks over regular updates of the app. Finally the app feels like it belongs on my iPod. Fast load times, nothing in the UI that is too jarring or unnecessary. Strongly recommended!

Existing Version is Great!

by itunesguy1 – Version 1.3 – Jul 24, 2009

WOW… I’ve been looking for this Contact Grouping App. for ever since I got my 3GS! It is Awesome. WOW…  It has the Search feature I need to search all fields; it allows me great flexibility in Grouping; it is in the same format as the native contact’s; and has all the same fields…. Who could ask for anything more? I gave it 5 stars but there are a few things I’d like to see added….. Like showing which Group each contact was in in the ‘All Contacts’ list.. (By the way the option to show pics there is great!) and adding some color to the different groups and the app in general would be nice. Otherwise, look no further…. I’m looking forward to the new version!

Awesome App

by Beef&Gravy – Version 1.2 – Jun 21, 2009

Just what I wanted

ozflag From Australian App Store:


by Aid0 – Version 5.95 – Jan 21, 2012

Great ap, grouped all my contacts with ease

Good for free 

by AndersHo – Version 5.90 – Nov 17, 2011

Not bad organizer. Good for free. Thanks!

Great App – Very Responsive Developer

by RobTau – Version 4.1 – Oct 21, 2010

This is about the only app which allows you to both view and edit Address Books ‘related names’ fields and labels. The use of such labels is very useful to handle custom AB fields, whether they are actually ‘related names’ or something else. That information is synced to your iPhone (at least via iTunes), yet very few apps let you access it and I don’t think any others let you change it.

When Apple’s ‘update’ to iOS 4.1 killed this feature, developer was very responsive in adding a work around until Apple fixes the bug via iOS 4.2.

Simply the Best

by Mujo008 – Version 3.6 – Aug 16, 2010

That’s all folks dream App is here congratulation to the Developer team

Pretty Good!

by Cabbotage II – Version 2.4 – Mar 23, 2010

Downloaded this app thinking it might be average but it’s great value! Simple, easy to use.
Imports from your native contacts list which means you don’t have to waste time copying or moving.
Some areas for improvement – will update my review when I discover more.


by commuter42 – Version 2.4 – Mar 25, 2010

All I wanted was an app to group my contacts and this app does just that with an easy to use interface.

Simple and amazing

by AamyWaits – Version 1.3 – Jul 14, 2009

Simple easy interface, easy to adapt within minutes. Author has made sure not to make it complex as desired for the basic contact mgmt. Too much loading time, looking forward for updates which makes it faster. Really a cool and wonderful app 🙂

canadaflag From Canadian App Store:


by DawnTW – Version 5.95 – Jan 13, 2012

Latest update fixed crash problem. Thanks. Great new calendar feature too.

good app! 

by adrert – Version 5.90 – Nov 17, 2011

Very good app! Download and don’t miss.

Great app 

by Rogerogeroger – Version 5.1 – Apr 09, 2011

WoW. Great app. Getting better every day. Good job.

Works great! 

by Paul White – Version 5.0 – Mar 28, 2011

Well-designed app is very useful if you have lots of contacts that you want to organize into groups on your iPhone. Works great with MobileMe groups, unlike some similar apps.

Worth the purchase 

by kenio223 – Version 4.6 – Feb 28, 2011

I have 3200 contacts so am able to prove performance. This isn’t fast enough to replace native app for day to day use, but is MUCH faster than some contact apps.
-Highly customizable, obviously the developers spent considerable time.
-Isn’t perfect with only 6 fields included in the ‘customizable’ search but I give 5 stars because the developer offers a free 30 day trial!! You know what you’re getting- Thank you!!!
-Definitely the best contact search/group management app I’ve seen!

Greg C

by gregsterc – Version 3.3 – Jun 27, 2010

Great app, I can finally email a group on the Iphone and because it is utilizing data from the native address book app, any changes made are reflected when a sync is done to a computer by usb or mobile me
Good work

Great app

by Robbur – Version 2.4 – Mar 17, 2010

Would be perfect if more field choices available for searches

Love it!!

by Pglf – Version 2.1 – Dec 1, 2009

Does everything I was looking for in one app: – uses the native iPhone contacts list so changes to one is shown in the other. – has groups that also shows up in the native address book. – allows me to organize contacts by company name and still display the persons name. Great job!


by criz – Version 1.4 – Aug 7, 2009

I like the simplicity of this app. user friendly. but since it cannot recognize my custom mp3 ringtones, I’m afraid to substitute it for iPhone address book. will it ever recognize them,though?