ContactsTap Version 4.0 has been approved

ContactsTap release 4.0 has been approved and it is now available for download from the AppStore.

I am preparing release 4.1 which will introduce some new features and improve the existing ones.


  1. I have version 3.3 is there an upgrade path to 4.1. I am on IOS 4.1 and 3.3 no longer works. Do I need to repurchase the app to get from 3.3 4.1?

    • Hi,

      There is no special upgrade path for the app.
      You do not have to repurchase the app. Just download it again and it will update the previous release free of charge.
      If you start the AppStore app on your device you will certainly see the ContactsTap in update section so you can install it from there or search for ContactsTap in Store app and install it again.

      By the way you cannot buy the same app from AppStore twice (at leaast with the same iTunes account). When you buy it once it is for life so even if you remove the app and change your mind later you can install it free of charge again.


      • No there is no upgrade path. You will get notification on your device when update is available. Use AppStore application on your device.

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