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ContactsTap is packed with features that can be customized to suit your needs.
Tap “Settings” icon in the bottom menu bar to access all options. A new window will appear with options. All default settings are indicated with a ‘tick’ ( √ ). To change a setting, simply tap on the option: when you turn it on, the tick will appear; when you switch it off, the tick will disappear. To exit Settings, tap “Done” in the top left corner.

Main Contact List

The list contains the following options: Contact Photo, Contacts List Appearance, Search, Sort, Skype Calls, Contact Selection

Contact Photo
– Choose whether you want to display images/icons next to your contacts.

Contacts List Appearance
– Specify which information to display in the second row, below the name of any contact from your contact list. You can choose ONE of the following options: Group names (default), Company name, Department, Job title, Nickname, Home phone number, Work phone number, Other phone number, Mobile phone number, Main phone number, Home fax number, Work fax number, Pager number, Home e-mail address, Work e-mail address, Other e-mail address, Phonetic name and Birthday.
To return to the main Settings window, tap “Back” in the top left corner.

– By default, ContactsTap searches your contacts by the following parameters: Full Name and Company. If you want to add further search parameters, choose as many as you like from the following: Department, Job title, Nickname, Note, E-mail address and Phone numbers. Tap on any option to switch it on/off.
“Last used search scope” option as it names suggests if selected will always use for search last used search option.

To return to the main Settings window, tap “Back” in the top left corner.
NOTE: Parameters set here will be used only if you choose to do a search by Custom option.

– Define how to sort contacts in the main contacts list. Choose ONE of the following options: Full name (default), Company name, Job title, Department, Nickname, Birthday.
This is where you can also choose whether to use Phonetic Names. This feature is useful for sorting names with non-Latin alphabet. However, if you do not need Phonetic Names, you should keep it switched off because it will speed up the initial contacts load.

To return to the main Settings window, tap “Back” in the top left corner.

Skype Calls
– This option will be enabled only if device is able to place Skype calls (if Skype is installed on device). When selected it enables/disables Skype calls.

Contact Selection
– This option enables you to choose the window that pops up when you tap on a contact in the contacts list. You can choose between the Action Menu, described above (default setting) or the Show Contact Details window.

To return to the main Settings window, tap “Back” in the top left corner.

Merge Contacts

– Setup how the merge contacts option will merge two contacts (applies to import contacts and when we paste copied contact to selected contact).

Email Setup
Email Method Format

– Setup how the email recipients will be organized when sending emails. To All, Cc All, Bcc All
– When sending group e-mails, or e-mails to multiple selected users, choose whether you want to send the e-mail “To” all users, or to carbon-copy them “Cc”, or to blind-copy them “Bcc”.

Social Networking

– Visit your Facebook page
– Go to your Twitter pages
– Use your Google+
– Go to your LinkedIn profile

Manage backup files

– Manage all your backup files (send them to Dropbox, send backup using email, import contacts from backup files, show content or import single contact …)

Backup contacts

– Backup your contacts using vCard format.

Export contacts

– Export your contacts using CSV format.

Disconnect from Dropbox

– Disconnect from Dropbox reset the connections you made previously with Dropbox using manage backup files. Useful if you have multiple DropBox account adn you want to connect with another account.

Start file server

– Start file server to managed your backups over the air using your desktop / laptop computer.

The exported backup files you can download from your device using iTunes file share or ContactsTap File Server option.

Using iTunes file share

You just connect your device with your computer and use iTunes. In iTunes select your device name on iTunes side bar and use Apps tab to show applications info screen. There on the bottom of the screen you will find section ‘File Sharing’ with list of application available for file shareing. One of them will be ContactsTap. Selecting ContactsTap all shared files will bi listed in the file share list. The exported file is in VCARD format of multiple contacts and archived in a ZIP file. Unzipping the exported file you will have VCARD file with vcf extension which you can later import in any contacts management application on your desktop or mobile.

Using ContactsTap File Server

The app will show you the device IP address you have to type into your browser address bar. Then ContactsTap File Server menu will appear which will show you all available options.


Options Application Skin, Help, What’s New, Report, Application review, Share With Friends

Application Skin

– Choose between two colour schemes – Default Blue and Cool Black.

To return to the main Settings window, tap “Back” in the top left corner.


– Shows the help document

What’s New

– Show whats new at this release.


– Tap to e-mail our Customer Support. We aim to respond as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours. When reporting a problem, please include as many details as possible, because that will help us understand and resolve the issue. To send the email, tap “Send” in the top right corner. If you choose to “Cancel” sending (top left corner), a new menu will pop up asking you whether you want to save the draft or not. If you choose to Delete the draft, you will be brought back to the main Settings window.

Application Review

– This feature enables you to directly access App Store to write and publish your review of ContactsTap.

Share With Friends

– Share the expirience of using thids app with your friends on Twitter or Facebook or send it by email.

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