Important Notes

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Speed up the application

If you do not use phonetic names, you should turn them off because that will make the application run faster.
To turn phonetic names off, go to ContactsTap settings (rightmost icon in the toolbar) and use the following option: Sort Contacts By. Scroll down, and at the bottom of the list you will find the option Use Phonetic Names. Simply turn it off, if you do not intend to use phonetic names at all.

No support for custom ringtones

Setting and editing custom ringtones for contacts is not supported. iPhone SDK does not allow assigning custom ringtones to contacts or groups for third party applications.

Groups on Exchange account

If you have Exchange account set on your device for syncing contacts, then you should know that Exchange by default does not support groups.
ContactsTap now support groups for Exchange contacts. This means when you navigate to the groups screen you will be able to create groups for Exchange contacts and organize them in groups in the same way as for contacts on other accounts. There is only one limitation as those groups will not be synced with your Exchange account (as Exchange account on device still does not support groups).


The application supports FaceTime. Only devices with front and rear cameras will have this option enabled. This option is shown in Action Menu and Contacts Details screen (option from the toolbar menu). Tapping on this option will initiate FaceTme call. If a contact has more than one email address, the application will ask you which one you want to use for FaceTime.

Syncing with Outlook

On Windows, it is iTunes that ‘communicates’ with Outlook. iTunes will sync all groups from your iPhone as Outlook folders, not categories. Similarly, your Outlook categories will not be synced as groups on your iPhone; therefore you should use folders instead of categories. Also, even if your contact was part of several groups on the iPhone, Outlook can only assign it to a single group. These are all Outlook issues and ContactsTap (or any other iPhone app) have no control over this.

Third party apps

ContactsTap is compatible with all third party applications that use native address book. Shortly we will prepare the list of third party apps which can be linked with ContactsTap.

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