Problem with syncing contacts with Outlook 2007

At the moment there is a problem with syncing contacts with Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Microsoft Exchange.
If the user syncs with Microsoft Exchange, the labels (like “work” or “mobile” or whatever) for each phone-number, email address or other contact data can and often will be NULL (and I mean really NULL, not just an empty string). This can be unexpected, because it’s not possible to create a contact whose numbers/email addresses have a NULL label using the Address Book (Mac) or Contacts (iPhone) UI’s.
This problems results in not showing the contacts at the main contacts list while the All Contacts group shows the correct contacts count.
We apologise for this inconvenience which has caused some frustrations among ContactsTap users who are using Windows and Outlook 2007. We have found a solution for this problem and currently we are testing the fix for this particular problem.
The fix for this problem will be included in feature update 1.2 which is due to be submitted to Apple’s AppStore in a few days.

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