ContactsTap: Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of the ContactsTap application was submitted to App Store on 10 May 2009. In case you have already purchased Version 1.0, this version will be available to you as a free update.

The application has been modified to be compatible with the new iPhone 3.0. The contacts search engine user interface part, which shows the search field in each table has been changed.

A few bugs were fixed, such as:

  • Adding new contacts or deleting them from the Uncategorized group
  • Showing No contacts label after we delete all contacts from the group
  • Removing No contacts label after we add a new contact to a group which did not have any contacts assigned to it before.


  1. Custom Ring Tones do not show up.

  2. Unfortunately the iPhone SDK does not have any feature to support custom ringtones. That part of the iPhone SDK is in private sector and cannot be used by any third party application. If Apple moves this feature to the public API which can be available to the third party I will implement the support for it.

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