ContactsTap version 5.0 will be available soon

This release will introduce some new features.

Most importantly, it will fully support groups for Exchange account. This means all users who use Exchange account to sync their contacts from now on will be able to organize them into groups. This was not available before as iPhone and Exchange account did not support groups. In fact, they still do not support them; however, ContactsTap 5.0 will add a feature which will allow you to create groups and organize your contacts with groups on Exchange account. Groups will not be synced to/from Exchange account as it still does not support groups in syncing (only contacts). This means that ContactsTap will save groups and their relationships with contacts on your Exchange account locally in its own database. Managing groups on Exchange account is totally transparent and you will not notice any difference in managing them in comparison to groups based on other accounts (Mobile Me, local account).

This release will be available soon.

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