5.0 is in the store

ContactsTap release 5.0 has been submitted to the AppStore and will be available very soon.


What’s New in this release:

  • Full Groups support for Exchange contacts. You will be able to create groups for Exchange contacts and organise them in groups in the same way as with other accounts. There is only one restriction as those groups will not be synced with Exchange.
  • Go to your Facebook wall directly from ContactsTap toolbar
  • Add New Group option is now placed above each contacts account (MobileMe, Exchange, etc.) so the user can now easily create groups for each account.
  • ContactsTap now offers full support for Calendar control so the user can organise (add / edit / remove) events (with alarms and notes) directly in ContactsTap in the same way as it is done in the Calendar application. Full Calendar Month view is supported with a list of multiple events for each day.
  • If the user has any upcoming events in the next 7 days, ContactsTap will show a badge on the application icon or on the events icon in the main contacts toolbar (the badge will show the number of events in next 7 days).
  • ContactsTap can now cache contacts’ images, so when scrolling trough the list of contacts it will not start loading images all over again. Those images which have been shown will be cached until the user changes the current group of contacts.


  • Sorting contacts by Departments
  • Showing emails and phone numbers in the main contacts list
  • Creating group with the same name as the group on another account
  • Sending group text / email has been fixed
  • Uncategorised group has been removed from Virtual groups section.


  1. Michael Peters
    May 19, 2011 - 11:13 am

    Enjoying the software so far. Several points:
    1. 5.2 is in the store. Isn’t it time to remove your banner saying “… AppStore and will be available as soon as Apple approves it.”?
    2. It would be ideal to make ContactsTap the default contacts program within the iPhone. Pocket Informant can do this on the WM platform.
    3. Having the Company as a field to list contacts by is very helpful. It would be even better to have the “file as” option to display so that company and full name can be used as the sort field.
    4. Any news on iTunes properly working with Outlook categories? The folder implementation is lousy. Even Microsoft’s contact can work with File As and categories.

    Thanks, hope to hear good news about the above.


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