ContactsTap Version 4.4 has been approved

The latest update, ContactsTap version 4.4, is now available to download from the App store.

From this release on, we only support iOS 4.x.

New features:
– Full support for multiple sync sources.
– In Organise and Delete mode there is option to select all / deselect all contacts
– If your current group is from Exchange source then the option to Edit groups will be disabled because Exchange does not support groups
– If your current group is from Exchange source then the Organise and Bookmark modes will be disabled because Exchange does not support groups
– if Local or MobileMe sources are not defined on your device then the Add Groups button is disabled on Groups list screen, because the device does not have a source which supports groups
– If your current group is from Exchange source then the Groups option on the action menu and contacts details screen will be disabled because Exchange does not support groups
– If you are adding a contact, and your current group is a Virtual group, then contacts will be added to your device’s default source account.
– If All Contacts For All Sources is active, then the Organise, Bookmark and Groups modes for contacts will be disabled, because we cannot mix contacts from different sources into a single group.

– In Organise mode the groups offered to you for group operations (Move, Copy, etc.) are only those from within the same sync source (MobileMe or computer/laptop) as the group that you are currently organising.
– Map View has been fixed
– Group action for All Contacts has been fixed
– Cancelling contacts Edit process has been fixed


  1. Need help docs….

    What is the 4th button on the bottom of the main form?
    Something like a down arrow with folder as background.


    • The option your are asking about is Organize mode feature. This is explained in Application release notes in ContactsTap setting.
      Choose rightmost icon on main screen toolbar which will open application settings. Then go to the bottom of the list and choose option Application Release Notes. Ther in the list you will find that icon and its explanation.

      But basically selecting that option it puts the current main contact list on the screen in organise mode. Then each row in the list will get the small oval icon which represents it selected state. Then you can select multiple items int he list and choose action for it in the bottom of the screen (toolbar will change when you activate this option). Then you can choose to copy selected contact to another group, to move them to another group or to remove them from the current group. Only All Contact and Uncategorized will not have remove and move option enabled.

  2. Is there a way to install an older version on an iphone 3GS with iOS3.1? I had the lite version and was very happy with it. Now I cannot install the full version because it’s only for iOS4…

    • The easiest way would be to update your iPhone 3Gs with latest iOS4.x. It is free for iPhone users so I do not see why would you not do it as iOS4 brings a lot of new stuff to the iPhone and also has a lot of bug fixes as well (works faster then 3.1) so my advice would be to upgrade the iOS to iOS 4 (latest one at the moment is iOS 4.2.1).

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