ContactsTap Version 4.1 has been approved

ContactsTap release 4.1 has been approved and it is now available for download from the AppStore.

Bug Fixes
– If user tap on contact in main contacts list trying to edit its data or make a call app will crash or freeze. This happens only if device uses new iOS 4.1.
– When editing contacts data phonetic names were not properly prepared.

New features
– Memory full dialog has been removed and all memory issues are handled in background and transparent to user.
– If address book data change externally (by syncing the contacts while application is running) reload of contacts data will be done transparently to the user without showing Reload Contacts dialog.
– Main contacts list rows were revamped so more contact rows can feet in one screen.
– Groups view list has been revamped too. Now members count for each group is in separate row for each Group leaving more space for Group name.

Known issues
There has been a problem with related names on iOS 4.1 and ContactsTap release 4.1 were removed handling of related names temporarly until the next ContactsTap update 4.2. I had to do that as that was causing problems in ContactsTap release 4.0 and iOS4.1 on device. Apple has changed something in address-book starting from iOS4.1 so related names are not accessible in contacts meta-data like it used to be in all previous iPhone OS’s. Related names now on iOS 4.1 cannot be seen even in native Contacts application.
I have filed a bug to Apple so hopefully they will fix that soon, but until then I will implement a workaround for this and return the related names to platforms iPhone OS 3.x and iOS 4.0.x like it was before prior to iOS 4.1 fix and introduce one new option in contacts details screen where user will be able to show dialog with all related names defined for selected contacts and to edit them and add new one as well.
The fix for this problem will be available with ContactsTap update 4.2 which is in finishing phase.

Sneak peak to 4.2 release

  • New release 4.2 will have a lot of improvements. It will handle background events lot better, memory full case was yet improved and it will be totally transparent to user. Sync events handling were improved a lot (which application can receive if sync process kicks in while ContactsTap is working) and now it will update contacts correctly even if you are editing it. The application synchronise it self automatically with all new changes made by synchronisation process of device. User does not have to do anything in application as it works automatically and totally transparent to user.
  • Also I have added Skype calls in applications. User will be able to make Skype calls with ContactsTap.
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