ContactsTap Version 1.6 has been submitted

ContactsTap release 1.6 has been submitted and it is currently being tested by the AppStore team. We can expect it to be approved by the beginning of next week.

What’s new in this release:

  • Initial contacts load has been significantly accelerated.
  • The Search option on the main contacts list screen has been improved. It no longer searches the contacts by the initial letters/figures only, but also by any other letters contained in the name/title. Say, if you want to search for a Richard, and you only type in cha, it will find the correct contact (and all other contacts containing cha).
  • In the Action Menu for any contact from the main contacts list, the title has been added: thus, the user can now see which contact has been selected. Also, the “Delete” button has been given a makeover, and it is now red; and “Done” button has turned green.


  1. I’ve just bought your program on Itunes. When installing on my Iphone (bought in Russia) I had a message of imcompatibility… the program doesn’t suite my Iphone.

    What to do, or how to get reimbursed?


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