ContactsTap Version 1.5 has been approved

ContactsTap release 1.5 has been approved and it is now available for download from the AppStore.

The next release 1.6 is in testing phase and it will speed up the initial contacts load time significantly.

We will be adding some interesting new features to our next release 2.0 — so stay tuned!


  1. Have you considered creating a new branch of your app that is identical in every way, except that it lets you configure whether to dial through native phone or Google Voice?

  2. Just started using Contacts Tap. I decided to use it to be able to search my contacts like I did to when using the PALM platform. In the short time I have found it to be a great app.
    I use it with the Itouch and not the Iphone. Since I cannot make a call with the Itouch it would be nice if from the All Contacts listing if the Contact Information was brought up directly without the SCREEN asking for what action is required.(for I use it just for phone numbers etc. and use my non-Apple phone for calls)
    Would this be possible in a new version with an option to turn off your “action screen” in the SETTING PAGE?
    Thanks for the great APP.
    David Coates

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