ContactsTap Version 1.4 has been approved

ContactsTap release 1.4 has been approved and it is now available for download from the AppStore.

The next release 2.0 (which will only work on iPhone 3.0 capable devices) is in testing phase and it will bring some cool new features, like:

  • sending an email (to a group, distribution list, selected contact or vCard) directly from the app without leaving the app,
  • viewing the contacts address on Google maps without leaving the app, and
  • visiting the contacts home page without leaving the app.

We will be adding some interesting new features to our next release 2.0 — so stay tuned!


  1. version 1.4 speed is improved but still not as fast as Fast Contacts- I have over 5000 contacts to load. 1.4 has stopped to reload when I am in the program very frustrating. good point groups much improved and it is great to able to re label a contact . Would like in list view Company, last, first. This keeps all my contacts with in a company together. I use 1.4 for group function and thats all. Fast contacts searches and loads twice as fast as 1.4. Keep up the good work.
    Marc B

  2. Hi,

    the new release 1.6 will boost the initial contacts load. This release is currently in testing phase and will be submitted to the AppStore soon.

  3. I’ve really been enjoying using ContactsTap for the past couple of months. Nice app, but I do have one issue with the design of the action menu. There’s nothing on it to indicate the contact that you’ve chosen. If you inadvertently tap on the wrong contact, there’s no way of knowing without going into the details. Adding the name of the contact at the top of the action menu would be a very helpful addition. Thanks!

  4. The feature which you requested has been added to the next 1.6 release.

  5. The feature which you requested has been added to the next 1.6 release.

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