ContactsTap Version 1.2

The testing for this update is finally done. We have tested this release using 3000 contacts which were synced using Windows Vista and Outlook 2007. The testing proved that from now on, our application can successfully sync contacts from Outlook 2007.

These are the latest improvements:

  • Fixed the problem with syncing contacts from the Outlook 2007.
  • Some of the application’s low level functions were sped up, so we can expect faster response from the app when it supposed to load a group with a large number of contacts.
  • We found a solution for the case when the user syncs for the first time and all synced contacts are placed in Uncategorised group and cannot be seen in All Contacts group as well. From now on, when the user syncs the contacts, even if they are placed in Uncategorised group, the user will find them all in the All Contacts group as well.
  • Fixed the sorting of all contacts containing non-Latin characters (for example Japanese, Chinese, etc…). If an user provides Phonetic First and Last Name for those kind of contacts, the ContactsTap application will be able to automatically sort those contacts correctly.
  • Corrected the truncation of the long contact names at the main contatcs lits.
  • Handling contacts without First and Last name in the same way as the native iPhone contacts application does it. In this case ContactsTap will use some other information to present this contact in the main contacts list (such as: company name, email, phone number, nickname).

The next update 1.3 is on its way too. This update targets the speed of the application itself. Application will load the contacts from the address book only once (at the application startup) and, after that, it will use its memory representation, which will significantly boost the speed of the application. The goal of this fix is to speed the application enough so it can give to user a fast response regardless of how many contacts it has to deal with.
After this fix, we will add some new features to the application, such as: multi language support, managing contact events, searchable groups, automatic events reminders, etc.

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