ContactsTap Version 1.2 has been submitted

ContactsTap release 1.2 has been submitted and we expect it to be approved by the end of next week.

What’s new in this release:

  • We have fixed many issues with syncing contacts, such as: (1) the problem that the synced contacts used to end up in the Uncategorized group and some of them could not be seen in All Contacts group or any other group; (2) the fact that some of the synced contact were not showing properly. All these problems have been fixed with the newest release.
  • We have also improved the application speed and stability.
  • We have doubled the speed of initial contacts load at the application start up.
  • The users get a much faster response from the application when operating with a large number of contacts.
  • We have also corrected the sorting of all contacts which contain non-Latin characters (such as Japanese, Chinese ideograms, etc…). If the user provides Phonetic First and Phonetic Last Name for those contacts, the ContactsTap application will be able to automatically sort those contacts correctly.
  • We have corrected the truncation of the long contact names in the main contacts list.
  • We have enabled handling of the contacts without First and Last name (usually contacts labeled as Company) in the same way as the native iPhone contacts application does it. In these cases, ContactsTap will try to use some other information stored within the contacts data and present it in the main contacts list using other informations such as: company name, email, phone number or nickname.

Currently we are working on the next major release which is coming soon. In this new major release we have planed to implement some new features like: multi language support, managing contact events, searchable groups, automatic events reminder, and many more.


  1. I just bought an IPhone which is nice.
    But I have a PC to sync.
    The iTunes sync for the Outlook contacts seems to loose the categories and “visualize as” fields.
    My contacts have the fiels “visulize as” which contains the name of the comany before and then the name of the contact. i.e.:
    Apple, Mark Ferguson
    Apple, John Kilf
    Apple, Mike Frguson
    IBM, Jenna Pitch
    IBM, Jim Kite
    Wen imported, the names are now spread in the list of contacts and it’s not easy to relate them to the company.
    Categories is another usefull item in Outlook.
    I know you can group the contacts when on IPhone but why not grouping names already categorized in Outlook and Sync this field too?
    I then believe that the sync softwares for IPhone are not real ones and fully operative…
    They do almost the 90%, why missing the 10%?
    Are you intending to develop to try to solve this incredible gap?
    What are the restrictions for doing a good sync job?

  2. – Syncing does not work with Exchange.
    – ContactsTap does not have compatibility issue with 3rd party apps. On windows, it is iTunes that deals with Outlook for syncing. iTunes syncs groups created on the phone with Outlook Folders, not categories, so please find your synced contacts there.

    These are all Outlook issues and apps on the iPhone have no control over this. Try to put some of your contacts to Outlook folder and then sync because Categories shall not be synced. Visualize as is a helper field in Outlook which is not covered with the sync procedure and Outlook is responsible of that not iTunes. You can not expect from iTunes to cover all possible fields in many apps which users use for managing their contacts. There are so many apps out there and each of this apps using its own kind of special fields which are not possible to be covered by the sync procedure.

    Outlook has a Company Name field which you can use to specify the company name for the selected contact. Then you can sort your contacts with ContactsTap using Settings feature and Sort by option at main ContactsTap screen (chose sort by Company Name). Then when you return to the list you shall see the list which is sort by the Company name (second row in every list item) rather then by names.

    Another option is to go to setting again and choose option Search Contacts Using Fields and enable Company Name. Then whenever you type part or whole company name at search field is shall filter the list only with those contacts containing in its Company Name field what you have typed.

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