ContactsTap Release 4.2 Available Soon

newThe next update, ContactsTap version 4.2 will be available in a few days. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, rated and reviewed Version 4.1, I have taken all your suggestions into consideration while preparing Version 4.2.

Due to a bug that appeared in iPhone OS 4.1, the Related Names are no longer shown in Contacts details screen like they used to be in all previous ContactsTap releases. This bug even made ContactsTap 4.0 crash whenever the users tried to view contacts details. I have reported this issue to the Apple team and they have admitted this bug and promised to fix it in next 4.2 release of iPhone OS. Because of that, I had to do a temporary workaround for the Related Names feature to make it available in ContactsTap 4.2. It will add one icon to the contacts details toolbar screen where you will be able to see and add/modify your related names along with adding your custom labels. This solution will stay in the ContactsTap until Apple solve the problems with related names.
This release also dramatically lowered the application footprint and improved the memory full events handling. Application now works nicer with the rest of the system and especially in low-memory conditions.
From now on, our users can also make Skype calls directly from ContactsTap. You need to activate the new “enable Skype calls” option and then, whenever you tap on any phone number in ContactsTap, it will ask you if you want to place Skype or native mobile call. Choosing Skype will launch the Skype application with the selected number ready to be dialed.

Some of the new features in ContactsTap 4.2:

  • Enabling Skype calls
  • Managing Related Names for each contact
  • Seamless and transparent handling of all memory notifications
  • Support of loading contacts even if the application is in the background.


  • Memory full problem.

We are currently preparing a video tutorial and a complete Help and FAQ files, which will be available soon both here on the website and on the app itself. We are also preparing a version in French, which will be available in a few weeks. For now you can use Application Release Notes option from settings to see the short description of new features.


  1. Please can the green “Done” button be relabelled “Done/Close” as close or cancel is what is does too


    • Yes it is changed to Close in ContactsTap release 4.5

    • No there is no upgrade path. You will get notification on your device when update is available. Use AppStore application on your device. You do not have to repurchase the application just download the latest release and your current release will be updated automatically.

  2. I was using the lite version of this product on my iTouch 3G, until v4.6 came out and i did not reasile there was code within it that stopped it working afte 30 days. I would never have updated to v4.6 if i had known this. I also believe it is in breach of Aples T&C’s, that you can add kill code in to your app that effects everyone who already has it. Was this accedental and are you planning to remove this change to this by releasing another version without the 30 day limitation?

  3. Thank you for your reply.

    I have contacted Apple and passed on what you had explained to me in your reply.

    I have asked them to close the case I had raised about this issue.

    I apologise for the misunderstanding.

    David W

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