Start Matching Contacts

This option is available only if you are logged into your Facebook account.

If the option is available then, by clicking on it, the application will start matching the contacts from your Address Book with you Facebook friends. After application finishes the match process it will create the match report shown in the main window.

The report is split in three sections Matched, Collision and Unmatched. This report displays results of matching process. These sections enable you to choose how to link and merge your contacts with Facebook friends’ data.

After you have checked and/or edited the results of the match report, you can choose Synchronize with contacts to start merging and linking the contacts between your Address Book and Facebook. After this process is finished you can open Address Book and you will see that all data from merge report have been applied to your contacts.

You can also sync your contacts from your Address Book with mobile device(s) and the same data will be synced and applied to the contacts from your mobile device(s) as well.

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