Match report Collision section

This section contains information on your Facebook friends for which the application did not find exact matches in your Address Book but it found some similarities and thus created suggestions for each friend item on the list. To sync these items you will have to choose for each friend item one item from suggestion lis, so the application can link the suggested contact with it.

You have to select one item on the list on the left side of the window (which holds all your friends for which application did not find exact matches but it did find suggestions) and its details will appear in the Contact Detail section. There at the bottom you will see the suggestion table with all suggested contacts from your Address Book. Then you have to select one contact from the suggestion list by clicking its select box.

You can double click on items in suggestion table to show the contacts details to check if that is the contact you want to link your Facebook friend with.

It is important to tick the sync box for the selected item in the list on the left side of the window to mark the item for syncing.

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