Match report Matching section

This section contains on your Facebook friends for which application found exact matches in your Mac Address Book. Each item on the list is marked for syncing as their sync boxes are selected. If you do not want to sync any of those items, click on the top button Deselect All you will deselect all items in the list and they will not be synced. To select all items again, click on the same button (which now changed to Select All) to select all items on the list.

You can select any single row in the list to show its details in Contact Details section. In the Contacts Details section you will find two images: the left image is the image of the contact in Address Book, and right one is the image downloaded from your friend’s Facebook profile. To choose which image you want to use, select or deselect check box under your friend’s Facebook image. If that box is checked, the Facebook image will replace one you already had for the contact in Address Book.

It is important to tick the sync box for the selected item in the list on the left side of the window to mark the item for syncing.

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