Application Preferences

Here you can specify how you want the images imported  from your Facebook friends’ to be synced.If you select Overwrite existing, all matched contacts will have the Facebook image check box selected on their detail screen unless you manually deselect it and choose to preserve the image you already have for your contact.

You can specify the size of the image imported from your friend’s profile. It can be normal (default) or you can choose to use bigger one.

Here you specify which fields you want to pull from your Facebook friends’ data. Only fields selected here will be used in sync and match process. Unselected fields will not be used.If you have already started Match process and you can see match report, but you want to change these settings, then you will have to cancel the report to be able to change the settings, and restart the matching process.

If Overwrite existing is enabled, then the data imported from your Facebook friend’s profile will add
and/or overwrite information from the linked Contact item.

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